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I don't know what happen, but I broke my blog. . . It would let me put backgrounds or headers on it. I was not very happy, but oh well I will start a new one.

Paxton and I were folding his laundry; the little stinker fell asleep so I had to do all the folding by myself!!! LOL I'm sure next time he will be more helpful.

We made moccasins in scouts last night. It was so fun and a lot harder then you would expect. Mine are the dark brown ones on the left and Brandon's are the ones on the right.We love them they are so fun and we made them!!
Copy and paste to your blog, with your ANSWERS;
Write the first few things that come to your mind!

1. I like to: Sleep, Play with Paxton, Run, Blog and Facebook.

2. I Like Eating: Cheesecake, Brownies, Vegtiables, Steak, and Lobster

3. I Want To Go To: Italy, Bahamas, Hawaii, Alaska, Heaven LOL

4. I Like to Watch: The Office, Seinfield, Chick Flicks, Dr. Quin Medicine Woman

5. I Like to Play: Wii, Office Trivia, Hand and Foot, and Board Games.

6. I can't: Spell, play basketball, be crafty(although I really want to be)LOL
7. I won't Eat: Cranberries, Most Italian, or Japanese food

YEAH We got a new computer; Brandon had left over money from grants so we got a computer for school. Oh and for blogging too (hehe)! LOL Its wonderful and we are both very excited.
Here is Paxton is his lovely BUMBO Grammy gave him. He is so cute, still too young for it, but I think he will really enjoy it once he can hold his head up better. Brandon was working late and we didn't have anything to do so we tried out his bumbo and some books. He loved looking at the books, but I think it was just the turning of the pages he liked. LOL He is truly my heart and I love him!!!!

Well I really don't have to many New Year's Resolutions, but I do have some. Brandon and I want to try and make it to the temple at least once a month, so if anybody needs temple going buddies let us know we would love to go. We are also working really hard to payoff medical bills so we can MOVE OUT! LOL Thats pretty much what we are working on. I am trying to be more crafty, working on Paxton's baby book is first on my list. I've thought about just printing my blog out into one of those books, it much easier and I'm not really that crafty. LOL We will have to see how the year turns out.
Paxton had his two month appointment today. He got his first set of shots. Below are the pictures before the shots. He was so cute, it hurt my heart cause he had no idea what was about to happen.

Here is after the shot!

He is my HEART!!

Paxton Watching the big Game!

Koda was VERY ready for BED!

Paxton got a play gym (his man Cave) from Santa.

Paxton in his man cave.

Brandon and Amy

Brandon and Amy
Brandon and I will be married TWO years this April. Brandon is currently working and going to school; he is studying Chemestry and will be graduating with his associates this spring. I am currently working at Valley Glass as a receptionist and really miss being home with Paxton.

Paxton Aaron Price

Paxton Aaron Price
Paxton was born October 27, 2009. He weighed 8 pounds 15 ounces and was 21 inches long. Our little guy is getting so big so fast and we love being parents.

Flying Koda

Flying Koda

Koda's Toe Nails

Koda's Toe Nails
I colored koda's toe nails with markers!

Logan Temple

Logan Temple


I miss you!!!!